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Local Races

  • Asheville City Council
    Kim Roney
  • Alamance County
    Kristen Powers (County Commissioner)
    Dreama Caldwell (County Commissioner)
    John Coleman (School Board)
  • Buncombe County
    Brownie Newman (County Commissioner)
    Terri Wells (County Commissioner)
    Jasmine Beach-Ferrarra (County Commissioner)
    Parker Sloan (County Commissioner)
  • Chatham County
    Melissa Hlavac (School Board)
  • Durham County
    Wendy Jacobs (County Commissioner)
    Brenda Howerton (County Commissioner)
    Heidi Carter (County Commissioner)
    Nida Allam (County Commissioner)
  • Guilford County
    Mary Beth Murphy (County Commissioner, District 4)
    Carly Cooke (County Commissioner, District 5)
    James Upchurch (County Commissioner, District 6)
    Deborah Napper (Board of Education, District 5)
    Blake Odum (Board of Education, District 3)
    Bettye Jenkins (Board of Education, District 7)
  • Johnston County
    Wendy Ella May (County Commissioner)
  • Mecklenburg County
    Leigh Altman (Commissioner At-Large)
    Pat Cotham (Commissioner At-Large)
    Laura Meier (Commissioner District 5)
    Susan Rodriguez-McDowell (Commissioner District 6)
  • New Hanover County
    Leslie Cohen (County Commissioner)
  • Orange County
    Carrie Doyle (School Board)
    Mark Dorosin (County Commissioner)
    Renee A. Price (County Commissioner)
  • Wake County
    Sig Hutchinson (County Commissioner)
    Matt Calabria (County Commissioner)
    Tammy Brunner (Register of Deeds)
  • Wilkes County
    D Jerome Watkins (County Commissioner)

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