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Equality NC PAC 2022 Endorsements

Candidates endorsed by Equality North Carolina PAC for the 2022 election are listed below. Stay tuned to our social media channels for the roll-out of other endorsements in the coming weeks and months.

NC House

Brian Farkas (9)

Allison Dahle (11)

Deb Butler (18)

Linda Cooper-Suggs (24)

Wendy Ella May (28)

Vernetta Alston (29)

Marcia Morey (30)

Rosa Gill (33)

Grier Martin (34)

Julie von Haefen (36)

Joe John (40)

Kimberly Hardy (43)

Charles Smith (44)

Cynthia Ball (49)

Renée Price (50)

Matt Hughes (50)

Robert T. Reives II (54)

Allen Buansi (56)

Ashton Clemmons (57)

Eddie Aday (59)

Pricey Harrison (61)

Ricky Hurtado (63)

Sarah Crawford (66)

Carla Catalán Day (74)

Mary Belk (88)

Terry Brown (92)

Christy Clark (98)

Nasif Majeed (99)

John Autry (100)

Carolyn Logan (101)

Becky Carney (102)

Brandon Lofton (104)

Wesley Harris (105)

Tricia Cotham (112)

Eric Ager (114)

Lindsey Prather (115)

Caleb Rudow (116)

NC Senate

Kandie Smith (5)

Lisa Grafstein (13)

Jay Chaudhuri (15)

Gale Adcock (16)

Sydney Batch (17)

Kirk deViere (19)

Natalie Murdock (20)

Graig Meyer (23)

Mujtaba Mohammed (38)

DeAndrea Salvador (39)

Natasha Marcus (41)

Rachel Hunt (42)

Julie Mayfield (49)

Judicial Races

Lucy Inman (3)

Samuel Ervin IV (5)

Satana Deberry (Durham DA)

Dave Hall (Durham District Court)

Kevin Jones (Durham District Court)

Archie Smith (Durham Clerk of Court)

U.S. Congress

Deborah Ross (2)

Nida Allam (4)

Jasmine Beach-Ferrara (11)

Alma Adams (12)

Wiley Nickel (13)

Sam Searcy (13)

Cheri Beasley (U.S. Senate)

County Commission

Anthony Pierce (Alamance County Commission)

Martin Moore (Buncombe County Commission, District 2)

Amanda Edwards (Buncombe County Commission, District 3)

Jennifer De La Jara (Mecklenburg County Commission, At-large)

Pat Cotham (Mecklenburg County Commission, At-large)

Arthur Griffin (Mecklenburg County Commission, At-large)

Leigh Altman (Mecklenburg County Commission, At-large)

Mark Jerrell (Mecklenburg County Commission, District 4)

Laura Meier (Mecklenburg County Commission, District 5)

Susan Rodriguez-McDowell (Mecklenburg County Commission, District 6)

Donald Mial (Wake County Commission, District 1)

Matt Calabria (Wake County Commission, District 2)

Lisa Mead (Wake County Commission, District 3)

Vickie Adamson (Wake County Commission, District 7)

Municipal Elections

Kim Roney (Asheville Mayor)

Allison Scott (Asheville City Council)

Antanette Mosley (Asheville City Council)

Nina Tovish (Asheville City Council)

Carissa Kohn-Johnson (Cary Town Council, At-large)

Amanda Murphy (Cary Town Council, District C)

Braxton Winston (Charlotte City Council, At-large)

Dimple Ajmera (Charlotte City Council, At-large)

Larken Egleston (Charlotte City Council, At-large)

LaWana Mayfield (Charlotte City Council, At-large)

Victoria Watlington (Charlotte City Council, District 3)

Renee' Johnson (Charlotte City Council, District 4)

Liz Millsaps Haigler (Charlotte City Council, District 5)

Robert Hillman (Charlotte City Council, District 6)

Justin Outling (Greensboro Mayor)

Franca Jalloh (Greensboro City Council, At-large)

Cecile "CC" Crawford (Greensboro City Council, District 2)

Tammi Thurm (Greensboro City Council, District 5)

School Board

Millicent Rogers (Durham County School Board)

Natalie Beyer (Durham County School Board)

Ashley Wheeler (Orange County School Board)

Sarah Smylie (Orange County School Board)

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